Research Seminar on Predictive Processing
A novel analogy is taking hold in theoretical neuroscience: "Prediction is to brain as digestion is to stomach." This analogy, provocative as it is, expresses the essence of what has become known as the Predictive Processing account (see, e.g., Andy Clark's "Surfing Uncertainty" or Jakob Hohwy's "The Predictive Mind"). According to this account, the brain is essentially (in Hohwy's words) "a sophisticated hypothesis-testing mechanism, which is constantly involved in minimizing the error of its prediction of the sensory input it receives of the world.". In our (roughly monthly) research seminar, held every fourth Thursday from 14.00-15.00 in the Donders Room, we invite (guest-) speakers to discuss conceptual, computational, and fundamental aspects of Predictive Processing. We cordially invite suggestions for the new academic year 2019-20!

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Previous meetings
Date Topic Contact
Nov 22 2018 First principles in the life sciences: The free-energy principle, organicism, and mechanism Matteo Colombo (Tilburg University)
Oct 25 2018 Conscious Perception as Augmented Reality Wanja Wiese (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)
Sep 27 2018 The Power of Suggestibility: Experimental Research on Extraordinary Experiences Michiel van Elk (University of Amsterdam)
Jun 12 2018 Mental Autonomy and Mental Action Formal DCC lecture Prof. Thomas Metzinger
May 24 2018 Curb Your Free-Energy: What is the scope of free-energy models? Krzysztof Dołęga (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Apr 26 2018 Correlated spiking-times create symmetrical backpropagation weights with reversed signs Han Biao
Apr 4 2018 Unconscious information processing modulates decision accuracy Allya Vlassova
Feb 1 2018 A PP perspective on Perception in Motion: hypotheses, congruent findings and not-so-congruent findings Janny Stapel
Dec 14 2017 Precision-weighting of prediction errors Johan Kwisthout
Nov 23 2017 Can Predictive Brains solve the Relevance Problem? Julian Kiverstein (VU Amsterdam)
Jul 13 2017 Dark cave problem, PP and disorders -
Jun 15 2017 Interoceptive Predictive Processing as models of consciousness Johan Kwisthout
May 4 2017 Active inference and attracting sets of agent-environment systems Jelle Bruineberg (UvA)
Apr 20 2017 Setting up experiments and finding empirical evidence for Predictive Processing Emma Ward
Mar 23 2017 Enactivism, embodied and embedded predictive processing Harmen Ghijsen
Mar 21 2017 Busting Out: Two Takes on the Predictive Brain Andy Clark (in Amsterdam)
Mar 2 2017 Intro 2: learning and revising generative models Johan Kwisthout
Feb 9 2017 Intro 1: concepts + computational model Johan Kwisthout