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1)           The aim of the Network is to promote comparative research on transitions in youth. It pursues this aim by providing a forum for contact among European scholars in the field, by promoting theoretical and methodological development, and by encouraging the development and analysis of cross-national datasets. It has a particular interest in promoting the use of regular and longitudinal surveys of young people for comparative analysis.



2)           The members of the Network comprise individual researchers and others interested in research in transitions in youth. Any individual may join by declaring his/her interest to the membership secretary, and providing an e-mail address at or through which s/he may be contacted. The Network cannot guarantee to maintain communication with members who cannot be contacted by e-mail. There is no membership fee.



3)           The main activity of the Network is an annual workshop. Other activities consistent with the aim of the Network may be organised by, or with the support of, the Network.



4)           The Network activities are co-ordinated by a Committee comprising six elected members; up to two additional members may be co-opted to provide country balance or for their particular expertise. The Committee will meet at least once a year. Members will serve for three years and two members will be elected each year. The current Committee is responsible for inviting nominations and for the conduct of the election, either using e-mail communication or in the fairest way possible with the available resources.



5)           The Committee may appoint a chair, a membership secretary and any other officers deemed necessary, from among members of the Committee.



6)           There is no general Network budget, but the Network may seek funding for specific activities. Members may be required to obtain part of all of the funding to support their own participation at workshops or in other Network activities.



Adopted at Network meeting, Dublin, September 1997





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