News 26th annual workshop TIY, Mannheim, Germany, September 5-8, 2018. Click here for the call for papers.






The long-term goal of the Network is to advance theoretical understanding of transitions in youth, and especially of the relationships between education/training and the labour market, through the comparative analysis of regular and longitudinal surveys of transitions.



The Network brings together social scientists interested in the transitions of young people as they progress towards adulthood. The main focus is on the transition from education to the labour market, but in the context of other transitions, for example to new family statuses or to independent households.



The principal activity of the Network is to hold annual workshops, each with a specific theme which. The number of places at each workshop is limited, but participation is made as 'open' as possible by publishing a call for papers.



Next to these workshops, the Network serves as a forum for researchers. Information on the Network's activities are distributed through the Network's email list. You can join the Network by sending an email.




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