Actual Course Info
In the 2023-24 study year I (co-)teach Intro to AI and AI: Principles and Techniques. I will also give several guest lectures, e.g. in AI for Healthcare, Advanced Academic and Professional Skills, and Neuromorphic Computing in our master programme.
Master thesis or Internship
Look here if you are interested in doing a BSc of MSc project supervised by me. I'm also available to co-supervise external or affiliated projects close to my research projects as long as my task load can accomodate it. You're welcome to discuss possibilities with me.
Teaching experience - Lecturing
2010-2011 and 2018-2019 and 2022-now BSc. AI, 1st year Introduction to AI
2019-now MSc. AI Neuromorphic Computing
2014-now BSc. AI, 2nd year AI: Principles and Techniques
2016-2020 MSc. AI Theoretical Foundations for Cognitive Agents
2016-2019 BSc. AI, 3rd year Representation and Interaction
2017-2018 MSc. AI Social Robotics
2014-2015 BSc. AI, 3rd year Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
2013-2015 BSc. AI, 2nd year Robotics 2
2012 BSc. CS, 1st year Algorithms (LIACS course)
2012 BSc. CS, 2nd year Complexity (LIACS course)
Individual Supervision
Current Postdoc advisor for:
Dr Natan T'Joens (DCC, RU)
Dr Leila Bagheriye (DCC, RU)

Current PhD advisor for:
Nadia Moss (RUMC, daily supervisor Iris Walraven (Radboud UMC))
Andi Lin (DCC, RU, with Hans Bodlaender (UU))
Arne Diehl (DCC, RU)
Nils Donselaar (DCC, RU, with Hans Bodlaender (UU))

Former PhD advisor for:
Erwin de Wolff (DCC, RU)
Dr Danaja Rutar (DCC, RU, with Sabine Hunnius; graduated February 28th, 2022)
Dr Maria Otworowska (DCC, RU, with Iris van Rooij; graduated October 4th, 2018)

PhD manuscript committee / opposition member for:
Alvaro Chaim Correia (Dpt of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University Eindhoven, supervisors Cassio de Campos and Robert Peharz, June 22nd, 2023)
Dr Marco Benjumeda (Dpt of AI, Technical University of Madrid, supervisors Concha Bielza and Pedro Larañaga, graduated July 10th, 2019)
Dr Ridho Rahmadi (ICIS, RU, supervisors Tom Heskes and Perry Groot; graduated March 14th, 2019)

Current master students that I (co-)supervise:
Stijn van den Beemt (MSc Data Science, with Luca Consoli)
Eline Braun (MSc AI, with Iris Walraven)
Meike Berkhof (MSc AI, with Martijn Vastenburg)
Hidde Jansen (MSc AI, Northwave Cyber Security research project)

Graduated master students I (co-)supervised:
Elise Lems (MSc AI, Info Support research project)
Kai vd Poll (MSc AI, Jeroen Bosch zkh internship)
Johannes Gille (MSc Cognitive and Integrative Systems Neuroscience Philipps University Marburg)
Jules van der Burght (MSc AI, with Louis ten Bosch)
Akke Toeter (MSc AI and SpaceFlight TU Delft, with Daphne Smits and Alessandra Menicucci)
Borislav Sabev (MSc AI)
Niels van Harten (MSc Data Science)
Danny Stax (MSc AI, RTL/videoland research project)
Eline Braun (MSc AI, internship)
Otto van der Himst (MSc AI, with Leila Bagheriye)
Mika van Emmerloot (MSc CS internship)
Thijme de Valk (MSc AI, with Iris Walraven, Radboud UMC)
Edwin Wenink (MSc AI, TNO research project)
Iskaj Jansen (MSc AI, RTL/videoland research project)
Ruby van Rossum (MSc AI, IKNL research internship)
Luke Peters (MSc AI, Blizzard Entertainment internship)
Djamari Oetringer (MSc AI/CNS, with Saskia Haegens and Hesham ElShafai)
Sophie Willemsen (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Pieter Medendorp)
Wieke Kanters (MSc AI)
Thomas Rost (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Maurits Kaptein)
Denise Klep (MSc AI, TNO research internship, affiliated supervisor Niels Taatgen)
Alessandro Ardu (MSc AI, Philips research internship)
Arianne Meijer-van de Griend (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Aleks Kissinger)
Rik van Lierop (MSc AI, Volksbank research internship, affiliated supervisor Iris Hendrickx)
Lisa Goerke (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Elena Machiori)
Linde Kuijpers (MSc AI, Volksbank research internship, affiliated supervisor Tom Heskes)
Bellamie Persad (MSc AI, research internship, affiliated supervisor Martha Larson)
Abdullahi Ali (MSc AI)
Dennis Doerrich (MSc AI, OCADO research internship in Barcelona)
Wouter van der Weel (MSc AI, ReSnap research internship, affiliated supervisor Tom Heskes)
Tim Bergman (MSc AI)
Wouter Eijlander (MSc AI)
Patrick Ebel (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Elena Machiori)
Natali Alfonso Burgos (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Tom Heskes)
Luc Wijnen (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Beata Grzyb)
Danny Merkx (MSc AI, affiliated supervisor Odette Scharenborg)
Tessa Beinema (MSc AI, with Louis Vuurpijl; external supervisor Reinout Versteeg)
Sarit Hashkes-Pink (MSc CNS, with Luc Selen)
Alex Bijsterveld (MSc AI, with Iris van Rooij)

Current bachelor students that I (co-)supervise:
Mare Kuiper (AI, with Arne Diehl)
Noor van de Pas (AI, with Arne Diehl)
Cis van Aken (AI, with Arne Diehl)
Sterre van Zutphen (AI, with Arne Diehl)
Bart van der Heijden (AI, with Arne Diehl)

Graduated bachelor students I (co-)supervised:
Jonna de Vries (AI)
Merlijn van Elteren (AI)
Manthan Gadhia (AI)
Simon Janssen (AI)
Luuk Jacobs (AI)
Lucas Puddifoot (AI, with Erwin de Wolff)
Damy Hillen (AI, with Erwin de Wolff)
Christian Bloks (AI, with Erwin de Wolff)
Jort Gutter (AI, with Erwin de Wolff)
Maksymilian Kulicki (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Evgeniya Ovchinnikova (CS, with Herman Geuvers)
Emma Vriezen (AI, affiliated supervisor Judith Hollen)
Mark Rietveld (AI, affiliated supervisor Francesco Poli)
Ellen Schrader (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Francesca Drummer (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Isabel Burgos (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Lennart Geertjes (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Jet van Dijk (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Julius Mannes (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Martijn Arnoldussen (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Koen Naarding (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Pepijn van Teeffelen (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Casper van Aarle (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Borislav Sabev (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Bea Waelbers (AI, with Danaja Rutar)
Wout Hermens (AI)
Djamari Oetringer (AI)
Dennis Verheijden (AI)
Sjors Aalbers (AI)
Maaike ter Borg (AI, with Maria Otworowska)
Koen Dercksen (AI, affiliated supervisor Arjen de Vries)
Erwin de Wolff (AI)
Sven van Herden (AI, with Maria Otworowska)
Ward Bannink (AI, with Maria Otworowska)
Jesse Fenneman (AI, with Maria Otworowska)
Dennis Merkus (AI, with Lorijn Zaadnoordijk, Maria Otworowska, and Iris van Rooij)
Rob Klein Hofmeijer (AI, with Iris van Rooij)
Jelte Van Waterschoot (AI, with Iris van Rooij)
Jorn Bunk (AI, with Iris van Rooij and Mark Blokpoel)
Stefan Schrama (CS (LIACS), with Jetty Kleijn)

External reader for:
Robert Goss (MSc AI, supervisor Leila Bagheriye)
Mieke van der Meiden (BSc AI, supervisor Mark Blokpoel and Iris van Rooij)
Benjamin Robijn (BSc AI, supervisor Mark Blokpoel and Iris van Rooij)
Timo van Donselaar (BSc AI, supervisor Nils Donselaar)
Koen Baarda (BSc AI, supervisor Franc Grootjen)
Ole ten Hove (BSc AI, supervisor Nils Donselaar)
Bram Jodies (BSc AI, supervisor Nils Donselaar)
Denis Karacoç (BSc AI, supervisor Nils Donselaar)
Sophie Willemsen (MSc AI, supervisor Pieter Medendorp)
Hugo Chateau-Laurent (MSc AI, supervisors Chris Eliasmith and Serge Thill)
Maria Tsfasman (MSc AI, supervisors Anja Philippsen and Serge Thill)
Pieter Wolfert (MSc AI, supervisors Pim Haselager and Mirjam de Haas)
Marjolein Troost (MSc CNS, supervisor Marcel van Gerven)
Stefano Gentili (MSc CNS, supervisors Iris van Rooij and Mark Blokpoel)
Koen Smit (BSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Jan Van Acken (MSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Anouk Maris (MSc AI, supervisors Beata Grzyb and Hagen Lehmann)
Loes Habermehl (BSc AI, supervisor Luc Selen)
Pieter Wolfert (BSc AI, supervisor Luc Selen)
Anco Peeters (MSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Thomas Planting (MSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Bas Bootsma (MSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Jasper van Dalen (BSc AI, supervisor Pim Haselager)
Arne Wijnia (MSc AI, supervisors Todd Wareham and Iris van Rooij)
Tijl Grootswagers (MSc AI, supervisors Todd Wareham and Iris van Rooij)

Capita Selecta projects:
Matthijs de Jong and Johan van den Heuvel (BSc AI): Algorithmic Information Theory
Laurens Hagendoorn (MSc AI): Tuning of NV-centre resonance
Sarit Hashkes-Pink (MSc CNS): A Predictive Processing Account of the Effects of 5-Hydroxytryptamine 2A (5-HT2A) Agonists On Perception
Erwin de Wolff (BSc AI): Neural Network Replacing Utility Functions in Q-Learning
Dennis Merkus (BSc AI): Software Engineering of a Predictive Coding Toolbox

Visiting students
Johannes Gille
Simon Brandt
Dibyanshee Mishra
Samuele Faggiano
Sebastijan Veselič

Research assistant supervision
Andrew Schroeder (DCC)
Daniel Anthes (DCC)
Arne Diehl (DCC)
Ellen Schrader (DCC)
Borislav Sabev (DCC)
Ajinkya Indulkar (DCC)
Hugo Chateau-Laurent (DCC)
Abdullahi Ali (DCC)
Athena Iakovidi (DCC)
Joris van Vugt (DCC)
Jordi Riemens (DCC)
Marvin Uhlmann (DCC)
Didactical skills
I have acquired my Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (University Teaching Qualification) in 2012 and Uitgebreide Kwalificatie Onderwijs (Senior University Teaching Qualification) in 2016.