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Brief C.V.
Physics and Mathematics, Professional Teacher Education, Tilburg  (graduated 1983)
Experimental Psychology, University of Nijmegen  (graduated 1989)
Title PhD-Thesis: 'Simplicity of visual shape: A structural information approach' (1996)
1988 - 1989                           : Various student-assistantships (Radboud University Nijmegen)
1-05-1990 until 1-11-1994  : PhD-student (Radboud University Nijmegen, NICI)
1-11-1994 until 1-10-1995   : Junior Researcher (Radboud University Nijmegen, NICI)
1-05-1996 until 1-05-1997   : Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (University of  Leuven, Belgium)
1-05-1997 until 1-04-1998   : Junior Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Leuven, Belgium)
1-04-1998 until 1-04-2000   : Postdoctoral Researcher (NWO; Radboud University Nijmegen, NICI)
1-04-2000 until 1-04-2005   : Research fellow of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and
                                                 Sciences (KNAW; Radboud University Nijmegen, NICI)
1-04-2005 until 1-09-2007   : Assistant professor  (UD; Radboud University Nijmegen) 
1-09-2007 until now            : Associate professor  (UHD; Radboud University Nijmegen)

- Research on human visual perception (topics include: Perceptual organization, object perception,
  visual occlusion, visual illusions, colour and lightness phenomena; visual awareness, 
  (for an overview of scientific output, see menu << Publications etc.>>)
- Organizing and lecturing various courses on Experimental Psychology, Visual Perception, Attention etc.  (see menu <<Teaching>>)
- Invited lectures and talks at various institutes and conferences (see menu <<Publications etc.>>)
- Supervision of student-apprenticeships and PhD-projects (see menu <<PhD projects>>)
- Member of several PhD committees (Nijmegen, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Leuven, Sofia) and co-promotor of PhD-theses
- Referee for journals (e.g., JEP:HPP, JEP:General, Perception, Seeing & Perceiving, AP&P, BJP, Acta Psychologica., NTvdP, Vision
  Research, Applied Perception, Psychological Research, Current Biology,
Journal of Vision, PLOS one, Psychonomic Bulletin &
  Review, Visual Cognition)
- Referee of project proposals (NWO, HFSP, MRC)
- Co-editor of Special Issue "Visual Gestalt Formation" Acta Psychologica (see below)
  Co-editor of Special issue , "Michotte's heritage in perception and cognition research" Acta Psychologica (see below)
- Organization of Workshops (Nijmegen-Leuven 1999; NWO-Taiwan, 2000), Summerschool (NWO "The Heart and the Mind", 2005)
  Symposium "Color & Form", 2007 (see below); Symposium on "Amodal Completion" at ECVP (2014). Member Scientific committees
  ECVP (2012, 2014) , VSAC  (2012, 2014), AVA (2013)

- Coordinator Educational Program Psychology, domain Brain (Radboud University Nijmegen)
- Member of the educational committee ('opleidingscommissie') masters 'Cognitive Neuroscience'
- Advising member of the educational committee ('opleidingscommissie') bachelor 'Artificial Intelligence' 
- Member of the NWO board of referees (2004/6), Member NWO committees: "Open Competitie" 2004, 2007, VIDI 2010,  Toptalent   2011, VENI 2013)
- Member of the NICI advisory board (2004/8)
- Member of the Editorial board of the journal "Acta Psychologica" 
- Editor of the journals Perception and i-Perception (as from 2013)
- Acquisition of funding (see also below)
-  Many public outreach activities (interviews and presentations for newspapers, magazines, radio, tv and public events; see menu
   <<Public Activities>>)
- Erasmus grant -2 months stay at the University of Trieste, Italy (lab. of  W. Gerbino; 1990)
- Short-term visitor grants from the University of Leipzig, Germany (lab. of  H.G. Geissler; 1991/94)
- NWO travel grants for ECVP/ARVO contributions
- Visiting Postdoctoral fellowship honored by the Belgian FWO-Vlaanderen (lab. of J. Wagemans, 1996)
- Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship honored by the university council of the University of Leuven (lab. of  J. Wagemans, 1997)
- 'Persoonsgerichte Postdoc Subsidie', honored by NWO (MAG) (1998)
- 'Subsidie Materieel Krediet', honored by NWO (SGW) (1998)
- KNAW research fellowship (2000; extension: 2003)
- 2 PhD-project proposals (1999,2004), honored by NWO (MAG)
- 8 PhD-project proposals (1999, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2016), honored by NICI/DCC
- Two external grants assigned to foreign PhD students to work in my group (2012; TSF, CSC)
- KNAW assistantship (2012)
- 2 postdoc projects for external candidates (2013, 2014),  honored by DCC
- Collaborative project (2013), honored by NWO/Inzicht (co-applicant)

- My PhD-Thesis was awarded with an Honorable Mention testimony and an award-lecture during the
  bi-annual conference (1997) of the Netherlands  Psychonomic Society (see here).
- European Academic Excellent Young  Researchers Prize (2000). A  yearly prize of the so-called
  Network of Euregional Universities (NEU), located in Germany (Münster,  Dortmund, Osnabrück),
  The Netherlands (Twente, Nijmegen), and Belgium (Leuven). 
- Best Visual Illusion of the Year award (2008). First Prize of the visual illusion contest organized by the Neural Correlate Society.
   (see  menu <<A few illusions>> )