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Rob van Lier, PhD
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Current Courses (2011-2015)

- Perception Action Development (Bachelor 2rd year)

- Consciousness & Perception (Bachelor 3rd year)

- Research Practice (Bachelor 3rd year)

- Visual Perception (Research Masters Cognitive Neuroscience)

- Guest Lecture Pereption & Attention (Bachelor)

- Several introductory lectures for high school students (VWO) 

More information on these courses can be found at the Radboud University website; see here or here 

I am also the coordinator of the eductional program Psychology / domain 'Brain' (i.e. Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, Neuro - & Revalidation Psychology)

See this university site on the connection between Research and Teaching.

 Previous Courses (before 2011)

-  Art & the Brain (Honours course Bachelor 2nd year)

-  Guest Lecture, and small workgroups within the course Cognitive Psychology (Bachelor 1st year)

-  Perception & Attention (Bachelor 2nd year)

-  Vision Science (Bachelor 3rd year)

-  Attention, Sleep, and Consciousness (Bachelor 3rd year)

-  Visual Perception in Development and Autism (part of a Masters course)


-  Summerschool Color and Form (Bulgaria, Sofia Summer 2004; see here) 

  Notice that this rotating cube only appears to change direction...   

..What we see belongs to the output of the visual process -- it is not the input. We are trapped in a colourful mind-fabricated 'reality' filled with tangible illusions, called objects. A fantastic trick.. 

A  (Dutch) Blog can be found here

A (Dutch) introductory text is available here