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  PhD projects

   Effects of spatial positioning in object perception
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Arno Koning 
   Date of PhD defense: may 27, 2004 
   Title PhD Thesis: Visual Object Dominance
   Global effects in visual occlusion 
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Tessa de Wit 
   Date of PhD defense: december 13, 2004 
   Title PhD Thesis: Disoccluding Completions

  Apprehending the effects of alignment and orientation illusions on human action 
  (supervisors Ruud Meulenbroek,  Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Janneke Lommertzen 
   Date of PhD defense: march 26, 2009
   Title PhD Thesis: Visuomotor Coupling at Different Levels of Complexity

   Features versus structure in perceptual dominance 
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Mark Vergeer 
   Date of PhD defense: februari 25, 2010
  Title PhD Thesis:  Visibility and appearance in perceptual phenomena: Effects of color and form

   Contextual and development aspects of visual completion
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Sven Vrins 
Date of PhD defense: march 28, 2012
   Title PhD Thesis: Shaping Object Boundaries: Contextual Effects in Infants and Adults
   The body scheme: Where motor imagery and visual imagery meet
   (Supervisors Bert Steenbergen, Rob van Lier) 
   PhD student: Arjan ter Horst 
Date of PhD defense: march 7, 2013
   Title PhD Thesis: Modulating motor imagery: Contextual, spatial & kinaesthetic influences.
   The Edges of filling-in
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier)
   PhD student: Simon Jan Hazenberg
   Start: January 2011

   Perception of time and causality
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier)
   PhD student: Chayada Chotsrisuparat
   Start: January 2012

   Behavioral and neural correlates of visual illusions: Effects of local and gobal stimulus characteristics
   (Supervisor Rob van Lier)
   PhD student: Xuyan Yun
   Start: October 2012

   Appreciation of sensory input: Examining the link between familiarity and preferences
   (Supervisors Rob van Lier,  Richard Jacobs)
   PhD student: Yagmur Güclütürk
   Start:  November 2013

  Anticipatory Interactions: Modulating Attention in Perception-Action Couplings
  (supervisors Rob van Lier, Arno Koning)
   PhD student: Andrea Frielink-Loing
Start:  September 2014