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Rob van Lier, PhD
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I am an Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology and a senior researcher at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University Nijmegen. The research of my group concerns the issues of visual perception and visual awareness. We study aspects of perceptual organisation in which features like color, lightness and form play an important role. We investigate both low-level mechanisms as wel as influences of knowledge, attention, and intention on visual awareness (e.g., for  phenomena such as binocular rivalry, perceptual fading, perceptual filling-in, and amodal completion of partly occluded objects) - using various research methods (e.g., psychophysics, brain imaging, eye tracking). In addition, we study crossmodal processing and the relation between visual imagery and motor imagery. In our research we also consider perceptual organisation phenomena in specific populations (e.g., infants, autistic individuals, visually disabled).


Current Group members:
Arno Koning (Assistant Professor)

Richard Jacobs (Postdoc)

Tessa van Leeuwen (Postdoc)

Simon Jan Hazenberg (PhD student)

Chayada Chotsrisupparat (PhD student)

Yun Xuyan (PhD student)

Yagmur Güclütürk (PhD student)

Andrea Frielink-Loing (PhD student)

Former members:

Tessa de Wit

Janneke Lommertzen

Mark Vergeer

Sven Vrins

Arjan ter Horst

Jeroen Atsma

Bronagh McCoy

Maarten Leenders