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Konica Minolta multifunctionals Linux


This solution may no longer be necessary. For my printer ISC silently disabled the need for a password. If you want to use the new Peage print system, use the CNCZ instructions

ISC installed a number of very nice printer-scanner-copier multifunctionals but does not supply information on how to install them under Linux. This page will do precisely that. I wish to thank Ivar Clemens for doing most of the work. You may prefer his solution (bottom of the page) if you are the system administrator for a multi-user system.

PPD file

You will need a custom ppd-file. Type your Account Tracking password (a 5 digit number) here and download it. The account tracking password is used to identify your department. If your printer is not in a public area it may not need account tracking. Leave the field empty if this is the case for your printer. If you do not know, ask ISC.


Installing the printer.

Now we will install the printer using the generated ppd-file. You can install the same printer multiple times with different ppd-files if you want. It may be convenient if the account tracking system is used for billing.

The following screenshots are for KDE, but the method is very similar when using the cups admin interface or you local interface.

In System Settings, choose Printer Configuration. Click New Printer:

Printer configuration Dialog

Choose AppSocket/HP Jetdirect and enter the hostname: km-pr0830.print.ru.nl, replacing 0830 with the number of your printer. The number is on the sticker on the printer.

New printer dialog

Do not use the manufacturer supplied ppd-file, but use the one you just downloaded. Provide PPD file dialog

Now your printer is ready to use. Note that the ppd-file will default to A4 paper size (which is in the printer) but KDE will change this and default to your system's default paper size (which may not be what you want). Make sure to make A4 the default paper size. This problem does not occur if you use the cups administration system for installing the new printer.


  • Ivar's original solution with Micha Hulsbosch' remarks
  • Your computer's cups administration system
  • ppd specifications.
  • Information on printer . This will show scary warnings due to some wrong settings in the Radboud University Network. Do not worry, just click them away (I Understand the Risks, Add Eception, Confirm Security Exception)