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jsPsych tutorial

This tutorial focuses on using jsPsych at Radboud University. It uses the jsPsych JavaScript library for building online psychology experiments, the Gitlab pages static hosting and the Radcloud Mini data storage.

It describes a way for students and staff of Radboud University to develop online experiments, mainly in the fields of behavioral science and psychophysics, that depend on leading open source software only and that store all data on campus.

You will learn how to write a behavioral experiment, run and test it on your own computer, make it available to the world, invite people to participate and download the data to R, Pandas or SPSS. All this without making a single off-campus account, without asking anyone for permission and without any prior programming experience.

The programming style we are using is called descriptive programming. In traditional computer programming one instructs the computer to do things (imperative programming) while in our descriptive style, the emphasis is on describing eacht trial that the participant sees, much like the slides in a presentation, but now each slides is a trial where the participant has to answer a question, choose a stimulus, order a list, etc...

Though you can write the whole experiment yourself, the tools used allow for calloboration with others, especially the Technical Support Group of the faculty.

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