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Radcloud Mini

This facility has been published prematurely due to the Corona crisis. it is under construction.

Radcloud Mini is a simple cloud data storage facility. It is currently in development but can be used for piloting experiments and educational purposes at your own risk.

Target audience

Radcloud mini stored the data for online Social Science experiments. Data is stored securely at Radboud campus. Experiments using Radcloud Mini can be hosted anywhere. They can be written in several different systems for online experiments. The data can be downloaded in a large number of formats suitable for many different data analysis systems. If you have questions, suggestions or requests for additional features, please let me know, Wilbert van Ham


  • Experiments can be hosted anywhere: Radboud campus, your own campus, Pavlovia, a labcomputer, ...
  • Experiments can be made with different tools. There is a tutorial on this website how to use it with jsPsych. Any tool that can send json objects through an ajax call will do.
  • Experimental data can be exported to a format suitable for Python Pandas, SPSS, Excel, R, Gnuplot, PSPP and many more.