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This website contains a Limesurvey tutorial, geared toward use in the Faculty of Social Sciences. There is also a printable version of the tutorial.


Administrative interface to the Faculty of Social Sciences Limesurvey server. Log on with your university number and password to make a survey.
List of published surveys. Most surveys are not on this list, but a few demonstration surveys are. For other surveys you will need a direct link given to you in a survey invitation.
Technical Support Group page on Limesurvey
More information on the local instance of Limesurvey
Limesurvey home page
Download Limesurvey or find other resources.
Limesurvey manual
After completing the tutorial this will be your single most important source of information.
Limesurvey tutorials on the web
There are many Limesurvey tutorials on the web. Please note that quite a few things changed with version 2.0. Older tutorials may not be correct in all details.


Pieter van Groenestijn offers support for people creating surveys in Limesurvey. William van der Veld offers conceptual support creating surveys. Eric Lieffers is server administrator. TSG programmers can help you combining a survey with an (html5) experiment. For other questions use the general TSG e-mail address