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Limesurvey, 1 Introduction

Making surveys in Limesurvey

Pieter van Groenestijn
Wilbert van Ham
William van der Veld

This tutorial has been written for the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Radboud University.


Limesurvey is a free and open source (GPLv2) survey creation and publication tool. This means that you have the right install it, to use it, to alter it, to sell it, to give it away and to keep using it whenever and wherever you want. In this tutorial you will learn to use Limesurvey version 2.05 as it is installed on the Radboud University, Faculty of Social Sciences web server.

Limesurvey is made for scientific use. It can do much more than most other cloud based survey tools. Surveys with hunderds of questions, thousands of participants and complicated survey logic are possible. Fortunately most is under the hood. All you need to make a survey is a computer and a webbrowser. You will only touch the keyboard for typing questions and answer options. No programming skills required. Guaranteed!

This tutorial will show you how to make a quite complicated survey with many elements that you may one day want to use. It will however start with the simplest possible survey that will only ask the participants name.

This tutorial will only briefly look at the problem of data analysis. You will see that Limesurvey can export survey structure, data and codebook to a large number of file formats, allowing data analysis is SPSS, Excel, R, Python, Matlab or whatever you like. It also has a few analysis tools itself, mainly for observing survey progress.

Let's make a survey.

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