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Limesurvey, 6 Expressions and tokens

According to my dictionary, an expression is the act or an instance of transforming ideas into words. The text age>17 in the chapter about routing and relevance is an example of an expression. The outcome of this expressions was either true or false, The outcome of an expressions need not be true or false. It can be a number or a text as well. Let's try the latter.

Go back to the question about marriage. Change the question text into {name}, are you married?. name is the question code of a previous question. We put curly brackets around it to distinguish it from normal text. Save the question and see what happens if you run the whole survey.

expression name

Indeed, the participant sees a nice greeting with his or her name inserted.


Often a survey participant will not type his own name. A list of special logins is made and invitations are send. Such special logins are called tokens in Limesurvey. If you use tokens, only invited people can enter the survey. Special expressions such as {TOKEN}, {TOKEN:FIRSTNAME} and {TOKEN:EMAIL} become valid. Feel free to play around with tokens, but do not forget to delete the token list before continuing with the tutorial.


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