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Limesurvey, 5 Random

Why do the three questions in the Background question group appear in this order? It may be undesirable always to let them appear in the same order. In Limesurvey we can easily shuffle questions groups, questions, subquestions or answer options. By default each question stays at its own place. If you want it trade places with another one, these questions must be in the same randomization group. For questions groups, this setting is in the main settings page. For questions, where its use is less common, this setting is in the the advanded settings part. Let's set the randomization group of all three questions in the Background question group to shuffle. After you changed the randomization group of one question, Limesurvey will give you the option to select this name from a list for the other questions. Please use this feature to prevent typo's.

random question

To test the randomization you must test run the survey from the survey toolbar. Test running the question group will not show the randomized questions.

More complcated example

Imagine you want to have more control over the question order. You want the first and last question to stay in place and the others to be shuffled. Proceed as shown in the following table:

QuestionRandomization group
How where you feeling last year?fixed1
How do you do?shuffle
How are you?shuffle
Are you all right?shuffle
How will you be feeling next year?fixed2

What would have happened if the first and last question both had the randomization group fixed?

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