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Motion task with four randomly chosen directions, 20 pixel/s movement of colored dots. Stepsize is fixed at 0.1. Please edit the u-number before starting. A direct link is also possible. copy and paste the address bar after the experiment has started for that.
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Color recognition

A colored disk is flashed. You choose this color from a color ring. There is no right or wrong response. Hue is chosen randomly and stimuli are always fully saturated.
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Color recognition 2

Same as above, but now the colors are sampled sequentially in steps of 45°. The fact that the response is always false is used to turn the staircase handler into a sequential handler.
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Sequential handler with feedback

Example using the sequential handler. An image is shown with three options. Participant must choose the options that contains the image. This example stores the response data on both the participant's computer and the server. The server version of the data can be used for analysis. The version on the participant's computer is used to generate a feedback graph after the task is complete. The graph shows the part of the stimuli where the correct answer was given.
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