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Axis surveillance camera

This page is about the surveillance camera that you can borrow to observe labs in the Radboud University Faculty of Social Sciences.

For reasons of privacy you need to follow this protocol to use the Axis surveillance camera:

  • Make a reservation in the equipment calendar. Use the Booking System -> Equipment calendar menu item.
  • Go to Ronny. Borrow the surveillance camera.
  • Plug it in (just the power plug) somewhere on the Radboud University campus. Wait a minute. The bottom LED will become green.
  • Enter your u-number and password at the bottom left of the page that you are currently looking at.
  • A link to the camera will appear below. Click it. You will have to enter a username and password. The username and password are on a sticker at the base of the camera.

You have access to the camera.

There was an error finding the camera.