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Hardware support

If you are looking for the Python interface library for our hardware please got to the RuSocSci page.

The Faculty of Social Science' Technical Support Group builds several psychometric measurement devices.


The BITSI buttonbox offers millisecond accurate response registration. The ergonomic design takes input from eight fingers when used button down . When used button up the LEDs can provide feedback more than ten times faster then an ordinary computer monitor. The 25-pin d-sub connector can be used for various additional services ranging from sending markers to controlling circus equipment.

The BITSIBOX is different from many commercially available products in its hand-held nature, its versatility and its high quality, jitter free buttons.

The BITSIBOX is compatible with most psychometric software packages, including but not limited to Neurobs Presentation, PsychoPy (both builder and coder) and Expyriment.

Red Joystick